Tony Ward

More Than Just Memories

More Than Just Memories

New and Selected Poems 1959-2023

28th October, 2024

Rites of passage, troubled voices, love and loss, nature, heroes, war, environmental crises. Tony Ward’s poems invite us to relive the experiences, triumphs, and tragedies that waymark our lives and that of our planet.

This is a collection of two halves. Thirty-one of the poems have been previously published in various forms, broadcast on local radio, appeared on film, or won prizes, the other thirty are new.

Among other sources, Tony has drawn upon his popular Poetry+ series for the lifestyle magazine Sussex Life. Then, following his wife’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, Tony began writing words of comfort during the pandemic lockdowns for the Alzheimer’s Society social media.

Informative, entertaining, thought provoking, humorous, verse traditional and freestyle, and above all easily understood. This is a collection to be savoured. You may even recognise yourself reflected at times.

If you find some modern poetry hard going, then this is the book for you. Like the much-loved long-running “Classics for Pleasure” record label, this is “Poetry for Pleasure”, a collection to dip into whatever your mood. Go for it!

Solutions to the puzzle poem ‘Another Hand’ in More Than Just Memories.

(The challenge was to identify the artist and the three works alluded to in the poem)

The artist is Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) and the paintings, with the galleries where they are located, (images on their websites), are:

  • ‘Chair’ (National Gallery, London)
  • ‘The Starry Night’ (Museum of Modern Art, New York)
  • ‘Wheatfield with Crows’ (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam)

The poem title refers to the term, “By another hand”, used by experts for part of a picture not by the attributed artist. In this case ‘That infant child’.

No prizes I’m afraid, just the satisfaction of rising to the challenge. Well done!

Reviews for More Than Just Memories

Your poem has touched my heart. It is an inspiration to the many who have to live with the disease

Reader comment (Farewell Tour)
One of six posts on the Alzheimer’s Society Blog during the pandemic.

Oh hell, heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time …

Reader comment (My Fuzzy Valentine)
One of over 600 responses to this poem on the Alzheimer’s Society’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

‘I love the Chalk Paths poem, very evocative of Ravilious. (A Sussex Life Magazine Poetry+ response.)

Emma Morris
Executive Director, Towner Eastbourne

A number of others were close, and it was difficult, but the winner did stand clear of the pack for me.

Keith Oliver
2018 National Memory Day Competition: First Prize, Best poem by a Primary Carer (‘What will survive of us…’)